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Belgian AgileTour 2010


Thursday 21 October 2010, the AgileTour hits Belgium.


IBBT, Ghent

What does AgileTour BE 2010 propose?

We hope for you to leave with new insights into Agile which you will then be able to put into practice. But it does not end there: we will offer you the necessary information to take the new experiences beyond the AgileTour and offer resources for continuation.

Additionally we will offer you a look into the real life of Agile companies. "War stories" of the use of Agile in real business units. Speakers from different companies will tell you about the positive and the negative, the pitfalls and successes and why they continue down the Agile path.

What is Agile Software Development?

In the late 1990’s several methodologies began to get increasing public attention. Each had a different combination of old ideas, new ideas, and transmuted old ideas. But they all emphasized close collaboration between the programmer team and business experts; face-to-face communication (as more efficient than written documentation); frequent delivery of new deployable business value; tight, self-organizing teams; and ways to craft the code and the team such that the inevitable requirements churn was not a crisis.

What can you expect during this event:

Keynoye: an Agile journey
Coffee break
Hands-on workshop: planning and estimation
Hands-on workshop: working in sprints
Coffee break
Warstories from the real world



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