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Speaker list

Stéphane Lécuyer
Stéphane has over 20 years of experience in computer science. For 8 years, he acted as a computer network manager and implemented many systems for different organs of the Canadian government (such as the national electrical agency and the Montreal city financial system). Then, he worked as a DBA for another 8 years. His strong points are definitely communication, cooperation, as well as an important need to valorize people around him. In addition to his technical involvement, he always took part in the management of IS teams as a project leader or department manager. For a while now, he has been actively supporting Agile approaches. He mainly acts as an Agile coach and facilitator for organizations who wish to integrate this type of approach. Stéphane believes in human capital above all and encourages cooperation in order to create productive environments where it is fun to work. Stéphane is a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) and provided numerous Agile trainings such as CSM and CSPO trainings in Canada, Switzerland and France. Stéphane was a speaker for the Ericsson, Agile Montreal Group, Agile Quebec group, Center of Software Research of Montreal and animated the Agile Coach Camp 2008. Stéphane Lécuyer is one of the key partners of OutSofting in its mission of promoting Scrum and Agile development in China.

Vernon Stinebaker
Technical Director and Chief Architect of Perficient China
博克软件(杭州)有限公司的技术总监和首席架构师。他的专长是敏捷方法(Scrum、FDD、XP等)、技术领导、软件开发、业务流程管理和再造、商务/运作绩效管理。他拥有20多年的信息技术产业经验,其中包括15年在中国领导屡获殊荣的软件工程高层管理工作、IT 及组织运营工作。

顾全 Quan Gu

R&D Manager of IMD of eBay China
eBay中国研发中心数据仓库(IMD)开发经理。作为eBay IMD在中国的第一个雇员,顾全在eBay DW 项目的开发和架构的完善中做出诸多贡献。作为eBay首批CSM和交易集市技术部门在全球的首个CSP,顾全领导了eBay首个Scrum实现,并正在推动整个组织的敏捷化。

Julien Mazloum
General Manager of Outsofting
Julien is the co-founder and General Manager of OutSofting, a software development consulting company that is providing Agile development training, coaching and consulting in China. Julien is a Software Engineer and MBA with more than 8 years of international software development, project management and consulting experiences. It includes 4 years developing and leading software developments for CAE Inc. (world leader in professional flight simulators) in Canada. For 2 years, in Beijing, Julien lead a team of highly-talented and diversified specialists (Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, Industrial designers, Mechanical Engineers, sourcing and logistics specialists) in designing and building an electronic touch-pad control system for infra-red saunas in collaboration with a team in Calgary (Canada). As he was struggling with this challenging distributed and very innovative project, he learned about Agile development and very fast became passionate by it. He thinks Agile development enables many possibilities that are otherwise impossible and this is why he is now focused on expanding the usage of Agile development in China.

Brenda Bao
Brenda Bao has several years' development experience in telecom software industry. In the past 2 years, she was one of the key drivers of a big organizational movement towards Agile/Scrum at Ericsson Shanghai. From the year 2006, Brenda Bao started to push the organization to go agile from bottom up as an Engineer. Despite the challenges, she managed to build the first Scrum team while all the other projects being still waterfall. Encouraged by the taste of scrum, she continued to scale Scrum to the whole product. Although it was not easy, she moved on with various experiences of success and failure. Now, with all those valuable experiences, her journey continues as an Agile Coach in a software development consulting company, OutSofting, in order to help more organizations to be more effective with Agile development.

徐毅 Xu Yi

Agile Coach of NSN